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What is the HCOSC?

Hull City Official Supporters Club is the only supporters’ group officially recognised by Hull City AFC. This means our members have access to benefits in partnership with the football club. A list of the benefits is available on the ‘Membership’ section of the website.


What is the Purpose of the HCOSC?


We feel there has been some confusion over recent months and years over the exact purpose of the HCOSC and where we fit into the picture of Hull City fans and fans groups. Basically the HCOSC is a membership club. The aim is to give fans the opportunity to get closer to the football club through our events and competitions. We are not a campaign group and unlike other supporters’ groups we aren’t in a position to have strong views on any particular issues surrounding Hull City.  Generally, our official status means that we are aligned with the club and almost a part of it. Like any official supporters’ club, we must be wholly supportive of our football club. Our one key stance is to be pro Hull and pro Hull City.


How Does it Work?


The HCOSC is a non-profit organisation, all money raised from memberships and events is used to support our local community.  Our main charity partner is CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) and we arrange fundraising events throughout the season in memory of Josh Fell.  We also support local charities and events from donating auction prizes to arranging ex players to visit.  All of our directors and officers are volunteers. We’re always open to new people and fresh ideas, so if anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer for the HCOSC we would invite you to e-mail us at this address.


The Website


We’re aware that this website hasn’t been used to its full potential in recent years. So with our new board of directors and officers we’ve been working (and still are working) on a bit of an overhaul of the whole site. We’ve changed the layout of pages so we hope it’s easier to understand what goes where.


‘Tiger Cubs’


As of Summer 2014 we have implemented a new ‘Tiger Cubs’ junior scheme. This is simply the new name for the membership our junior members receive and is open to anyone aged 14 or under. We are making an effort to try and tailor a specific membership package for juniors including events and merchandise aimed at a younger audience.


A Worldwide Reach


The HCOSC has members and branches all over the world. From the USA to Australia via South Africa. We hope that the HCOSC can help to bring exiled City fans closer to the club they love. Sometimes this is literally the case. In October this year we have fans coming over from the USA with the HCOSC, and last season we welcomed an Australian fan. We also quite regularly have the ‘Arctic Tigers’ at our events. Hull City are a worldwide club.




We’d love to know what you think. If you have any comments or feedback, good or bad, please get in touch using the details in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website and let us know. Whether it’s about the club itself, the website, or any ideas you may have we’re happy to help and open to ideas.