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Pre Match Press report




Match Report

Pre Match Press Conference

The media gathered earlier today at the University of Hull Training Ground

in advance of our final 2016/17 Premier League match against Spurs, with relegation already assured unfortunately.

Marco Silva
When questioned about the relegation, and not taking the fight to the last game, “Its disappointing because we didn’t achieve our goal, on the other hand, our team has improved as a collective, the players as well.”
Talks have started with the owners, there will be another meeting next week. The talks are always positive he claimed.  “It’s always important to learn and not to make the same mistakes.” He refused to talk about interest from Watford “Hull City deserve my respect” he said. The club need to look to see what’s best for the club, and he will  consider in terms of his career.
“We’ll try to finish the season well. It’s clear to me the fans deserve us to return to the Premier League. Of course it’ll be a challenge to hang onto key players, but it’s important to keep them in our team. We want play with motivation, to please our fans, to give a good result.  Harry Kane is a very good striker,” he said.
Marco welcomes the ruling change around diving.
Marco’s first game in the Premier League is a good moment of the season for Hull City, especially as it was a positive result.
“The Chairman and the board will hear from me first about my decision, the fans, the media. I am happy every day, the fans – what they give is amazing.”
He refused to be drawn on whether his discussions with the chairman had included him making any specific requirements around him staying.

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