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Press release from the board of directors of the hull city official supporters club (HCOSC)


The HCOSC and other key stakeholders have been asked by the Football Association (FA) to submit their opinion on Club’s request to change the playing name of the Football Club from Hull City AFC to Hull Tigers.

City Till We DIe (CTWD) approached us to see if we could agree a joint statement to the FA on the name change. Because of the differing views of our members, highlighted in a vote/poll last year, we decided that we could not agree to this request.

We are currently asking all our members to vote on this change of playing name. The result of this vote will be placed in the public domain and be part of our submission to the FA.

We must respect the views of all of our paying members and because of this we could not agree to a joint statement.


HCOSC Board of Directors
14th January 2014


  1. Adrian Mitchell says:

    Where abouts is the vote or how will it be advertised for members to vote please?

  2. Andy Bradley says:

    I oppose any name change.

  3. Mark Bradley says:

    I oppose the name change110 years of history of the club will be gone.

  4. Craig Lyell says:

    I say a big NoToHullTigers!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. john Leeman says:

    What’s te OSC chairman got to say about this?

  6. Graeme Young says:

    How do we vote ? if this comment box is for voting then I vote NOT to change the name to Hull Tigers .
    yes to hull city afc ,yest to hull city ,yes even to hull city tigers ,
    NO to hull tigers.

  7. Paul Lockwood says:

    Well done. A sound and pragmatic response. As the OSC, you are in a ‘no win’ situation in cases like this. You cannot possibly speak for all members but must present a balanced view based on your research. Unlike CTWD, who have been assembled only for one common purpose.

  8. john ayre says:

    As long as city are playing quality top flight football I dont care what they are called. Although, I dont see why it needs to be changed. I dont think it will make a difference.

  9. Alan Young says:

    I think this is a very fair statement. All parties are entitled to an opinion and as opinions clearly differ over this matter, then it is to be expected that not all parties will be prepared to subscribe to another party opinion with which they differ. Mutual respect of differing opinions is important.

  10. Alan west says:

    If Allems want to change our name let him. I’ll still support them through thick and thin, but I still think he should keep it as hull city afc, but name change won’t stop me supporting them

  11. Dave Pallett says:

    Fed up with our traditions being destroyed by greedy investors! City forever!

  12. john S says:


  13. Ann Woodward says:

    Call the team what you like just keep us in the premier league, you own business not a religion

  14. Dan Little says:

    Differing views? Didn’t a recent poll done by yourselfs last year show the majority are against the name change?
    Dr Allam pulling the strings on this one is he?

  15. David Wheldrake says:

    If you don’t back CTWD over this issue, please cancel my membership.

  16. Pete Wilson says:

    Its hull city and that is that

  17. Ian Lamb says:

    Leave the name as it is.No proven benefit to changing the name.This club if Hull City…

  18. Michael Rowan says:

    I can see both sides of this argument. My preference and vote is to stick with Hull City as the playing name and The Tigers as the nickname. Maybe a compromise is possible. Hull City Tigers, as has successfully worked in another game for Salford City Reds.

  19. Gary Newton says:

    Dear sir I wish to object to the proposed name change, on the grounds of tradition and public rcognistion. I have been a city fan from the 60,s and I understand change and it’s processess. Change is good if it is going to achieve something, unfortunately I can’t see what changing the name will achieve other than antaganising our supporters. However I do support the board and recognise their importance and dedication to the club, but I’m afraid I can’t support them in their endeavours to rename the club on this occasion.

  20. Robert follon says:

    This name change is NOT a good idea , even of it is based on commercial basis , hull city afc has stood since the beginning , hull tigers is dumb , man utd are called the Red Devils but they are not called Manchester Red Devils are they !
    Assam bros should honour the tradition of the club and show some respect .

  21. WRIGHT says:


  22. F Stark says:

    You represent the supporters of Hull City AFC. The way you have responded to the name change issue as an organisation is spineless and pathetic.

    I have supported the club for many years, work in the local community with many HCAFC supporters. I have spoken to hundreds of City fans on this issue and many supporters of other clubs. Nobody I have spoke to is for the name change. I could count a small number that are not bothered either way or are worried Allam will spit his dummy out if he does not get his own way, however even these people would prefer we remained HCAFC. How can you call yourself an OSC if you do not represent the views of the clear majority of fans? And have buried your head in the sand over a huge issue which is threatening the clubs hardcode support?
    CTWD and the Hull Daily Mail have already conducted polls (both show a strong “no to hull tigers” vote). Why have you taken so long to poll members? The issue has been looming over the club all season. I suggest that people running the organisation are too worried about losing their privileges and status with Allam to make a stand on the issue. This is a disgrace.

  23. A Tichopad says:

    Can,t see a problem with the partial name change. Allam has saved the club and invested big time, to bring good football to the KC. I think he has earned the right to do what he feels he needs to! To be fair what ever name the club is changed to, I will still call them Hull City. (40 years a supporter of the TIGERS)

  24. brian darvell says:

    How pretentious a board of directors,whatever next.

  25. We need to be a modern ambitious forward looking Premiership team with great management and strong financial backing. Hull is often the only part of our name currently in use in the media. Tigers is a great brand association and should be strengthened. But lets get our priorities right… improved strikeforce and league position…the name change can be a distraction but he who pays the piper calls the tune !!

  26. Dorothy Woodall says:

    I would like to express my views regarding the name change. I must have missed your poll/vote last year as I was not aware of one at the time. I have been a supporter since the Raich Carter days, when my father would take me, and, whilst I appreciate fully what Mr Allam has and is doing for the Club, I cannot agree that ‘City’ sounds common (Being a city is something to be proud of). I am TOTALLY AGAINST the name change – Tigers is merely a nick-name (considered ‘common’ in many places and is due to the colours of the playing strip as I am sure you are all aware and also I do not wish my team to become known by an “americanism”. Hull City AFC is automatically known as a football team by the name. Hull Tigers could be anything from an ice-hockey team to a boxing club etc.

    I am disappointed that the HCOSC is not at present supporting the retention of the name and I am not likely to renew my membership in June should the name change to HTSC. I remain ‘City till I die!’

  27. Shaun Lyon says:

    The name change is of little consequence, I support the team playing in black and Amber at the KC, I don’t support a name, and I will continue to do so whatever happens.

  28. Elizabeth Hillary says:

    I have no issue with the changing of the name. If Dr Allam wishes to change it to Hull Tigers , I have no objection.

  29. Ian Marshall says:

    Please Please Please support Mr Allam

  30. Maggie Scott says:

    I am almost 70 and have supported “Hull City” for over 50 years both home and away its only been the last four or five years that due to ill health I have been unable to attend the games, I listen to every game on radio now. I think what Mr Allam is doing is totally wrong. Hull City is who we are, and in my opinion should stay. I think his statement today says it all if the FA don’t agree to the name change he will leave the club. That to me says he dos not care about the club only what he himself can do with it. I live and breathe Hull City our team keeps me going from Saturday to Saturday I cheer when they are doing well and cry when they hurt, I LOVE my club to the point that everything and everyone takes second place when they are playing and it will always with me be so. Hull City have been a big part of my life for so many years please do not let him take that away, its our History and our Heritage. I am not a rebel I am a true Hull City fan and I would really like to be Hull City Till I Die. This is my heartfelt plea from a true supporter of Hull City, Thank you for listening. Maggie Scott.

  31. As a season ticketholder of the club I do not share the CTWD principle. If the owner believes that it would improve the marketing image of the club then so be it. After all he is the owner of the club and rescued us from imminent administration.

  32. Mike Wood says:

    In common with many city fans, given a choice I would prefer the name to stay unchanged but frankly who cares. The name ‘the Tigers’ is already ‘loud and clear’ on the badge. We are 10th in the premier league and if it wasn’t for Mr Alam we would be in League 2 or worse. I don’t understand why fans get so excited about something that at the end of the day is not a fundamental issue. A ‘yes / no’ vote is not ideal – a third option of saying you do not want to change the name of the club (but if that is what it takes to keep Mr Allam…..yes) would probaly be supported by 95% of the fans. Otherwisw we will end up doing a Portsmouth / Cardiff / Blackburn etc which will be a great shame.

  33. Bryan Hone says:

    Dr Allam has given myself and my grandson the privilege of watching some of the best players in the world on a regular basis by investing in the best team we have ever had. The name change is a very small price to pay for his continued stewardship of the club.


  35. Kev says:

    Asa Spurs fan I would be mortified if some rich entrepreneur decided to change the name to Hotspur FC or whatever, tradition counts for a lot. Hull fans may refer to themselves as the Tigers (do you?), but to EVERYONE else you’re HULL, and long may you remain so.
    PS Can we have Tommy back please?

  36. Deano says:

    Given the choice I would prefer to keep the name Hull City AFC. But if it’s Hull Tigers or administration give me Tigers any day. As a club we don’t have a great history, how many times has the badge been changed? We swap from stripes to plain jersey’s every season and no one raises an eyebrow, could you imagine Newcastle or Liverpool doing that? This could be the change that begins our legacy as a great English, European, World club.

  37. Dave Drury says:

    As a supporter since 1966 I have always called them the Tigers. What is the problem ? As far as history is concerned the more recent history is concerned this shows we are likely to go into administration or worse without financial stability the current owners are trying to bring about. In most walks of life the inability to change or innovate usually ends in failure. Our best ever team is getting even better, surely this means the owners deserve supporting. I assume any extra funds used will be used for further team strengthening. Arguments that it does not matter which division we play in is not supported by attendances. Why doe CTID not sing any song with the word Tigers in it ? It never seemed to be a problem. Who’s taking their ball home now ? Up The Tigers. FOR.

  38. Dave Drury says:

    Oh, I forgot. I cannot believe the FA have any mandate to prevent a name change. With the imminent introduction of Financial Fair Play they are unlikely to prevent a club causing additional income. When is the last time they took the view of any fans into account ?. Have Manchester United always been called Manchester United or does history show they changed their name ?

  39. Chris Hind says:

    My great-great-grandparents will be turning in their graves if this disingenuous, unnecessary and ridiculous name change goes through. So please, please, please Mr A stop this silliness now. You know a massive majority of City fans are against this decision and your comments have been inflammatory and disrespectful. With all due respect, you are wrong on this issue and you know it. Stop digging a bigger hole for yourself and do not let your spat with the council forever taint your memory and reputation.

  40. John Walters says:

    I have been a tigers supporter for fifty years and although I live away now I always support and listen to matches I believe this fuss over the name is miss-guided distracting and counter productive. It is a small change that the owner has every right to make and could well help the clubs image on the world stage. Real fans should be celebrating the great success and financial security the owner has brought to the club and respect him for that. I hate to see these demonstrations which distract from showing real support for the team.

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